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Machine rental can be an efficient solution for businesses who must utilise their equipment effectively. Benefits of renting equipment include its logistical ease and cost-benefit analysis.

Loxam Degraus provides machines and tools suitable for every kind of work done in Campinas, providing comprehensive solutions to its customers. Established more than 25 years ago in the market of heavy equipment rental services.

  • Maquina de tubo e chapa

Tubo e Chapa are efficient machinery used for industrial refurbishment and assembly projects, employing cost-benefit analysis in their approach. Aluga Maquinas Sul also provides public machine rental options such as washing machines, ice makers and water aspirators – helping create a clean and healthy working environment.

Tubing cut with a costura saw is a popular and durable product on the market, often used for rail road tracks, airport runways and shopping center construction projects locação de equipamentos.

Laser technology is used on this tubo and chapa machine to cut holes from any fabric into closed forms with widths from 11-25 mm, offering the optimal solution for producing carbon steel, inoxidatable aluminum, ferro, copper and aluminio pipes with similar yield rates.

This model boasts outstanding operational flexibility, guaranteeing precision and quality production in real time. Both speed of production and quality must be ensured throughout production for an outstanding result in real time production.

Eletrizadora de maximum garantiza la velocidade de operaco da maquina de tubo e da chapa, as well as their high quality operation, in aiding to refine tubing and collect components. Each size, speed, quality and speed should all be achieved without compromises – this includes carbon composite, inoxidable carbon composite, ferro, copper, aluminio e latao all having high performance levels – plus large maneuvering capacities to take full advantage of maximum yield components; as do large claws on each machine; both operate smoothly with full power dedoping on both machines for optimal quality results and efficiency in terms of all components involved.

  • Maquina de curvador de tubo

Curvator of Tubo Machine is an effective means for producing metal tubes with great precision. This tool may also be employed for other industrial construction operations that utilize metal. It aims to improve production by shortening production steps, minimizing material defects, and increasing work reliability.

Through tubos encasings, soldado of uniones at each end of the headstock is conducted, before plastic sheeting is then applied over each of them and finally all coverages of the cobertor are verified for completeness.

Designed by music, this tubo curvator machine comes equipped with two adjustment tracks and has the capacity of creating embolden cylinders. Furthermore, its operation relies on impujador work while two additional tracks allow you to replace treads and axles of its wheelie bar.

A music tubing wrapping machine (msica tube wrapping machine, for short) was developed by a group of professionals. It serves a number of functions, including extending and replacing the top part of each tub to facilitate transportation. You could then easily write out and run through its use; complete work can be accomplished quickly due to flexibility of this flexible machine that can be installed anywhere on any system platform – it even works using an awl for seaming use, with its cylinder mounted onto supports; complex but straightforward work that could potentially take place anywhere industry labs having access to musical machinery escritorio.

  • Maquina de elevacao

Elevation machinery is a specialized device that allows clients to meet all of their high-altitude needs efficiently. Our lift can lift approximately 8 meters. Companies trust Xavier Engineering’s engineers as they dedicate over 20 years of expertise towards designing their lift equipment – fast adapting our solution quickly to match client’s environments quickly, making sure everything runs smoothly for them.

Manual hoists, also known as hand lifts, are commonly employed on construction sites, offices and refrigerators because of their ability to move extremely heavy objects with great precision. Indeed, their design makes them suitable for transporting cars along construction entrances and links.

This piece of equipment’s goal is to provide construction services and municipal transportation in places inaccessible by cars. Furthermore, its trailer has multiple applications within construction, such as transporting industrial materials.

Bud Bushnell, founder of Genie Industries, had an innovative idea and created magical lift systems for workers’ communities – such as Superlift.

  • Maquina de policorte

A Policorte Serra is a machine specifically designed to cut large diameter ferrous plates. Because of this capability, it makes an ideal tool for industrial tasks like foundation and girder production; plus its use can also be seen in marcenariating and civil construction industries.

Policorte machines feature fully integrated production that adheres to current safety regulations. Mounting devices include systems of protection that ensure increased equipment longevity. In addition, each policorte component comes complete with its own transparent shell that ensures increased efficiency and protection of smaller components within each machine.

Alugamaquinas Comercio e Servicos Ltda’s polycorte machines are constructed using only high quality machine materials and come equipped with technical support systems, guaranteeing equipment safety during their rental periods. All security features on each polycorte machine ensured safe operations during hire periods.

With its ability to cut material only from its edges, policorte serra policorte serra is ideal for high-rise construction projects. Primarily utilized in building arches of stuff and vigas; but also used on cement walls and dramatic theatre screens. Equipped with high rotatability on an oscillating brace powered by an abrasive disc; providing stronger transito of cement during every cycle and strong transito as a basis of any work; additionally equipped with an adjustable apertamento system which further supports heavy transito for strong transito. Transito is essential in construction of any job site – essential components in construction operations around the world!

  • Maquina de tartaruga

Heavy equipment rental helps us increase productivity, by improving quality processes and eliminating any hiccups which might compromise equipment efficacy. When selecting this criteria for rental equipment we should keep the following in mind: cost/benefit analysis, delivery timeline, type and brand of machine among others.

Electric painels meet a wide variety of applications on the market, such as construction work, offices and restricted-access locations; guaranteeing the rosqueament and task performance of electrical machines and equipment. Torquimetro are tools used for tensioned pinch-wipe application that prevent damage due to excessive tensioning.

Aluguel Maquinas Sul offers also offers rental machines for industrial sanitization. Our rental machines include refuse collection tools such as reels and reels with bins attached for recycling; waste-cintomizing belts; fabric washers for laundering garments and facilities for drying clothes – everything needed to effectively cleanse a worksite environment. Clingfilm machines and trashcan rejeitars remove pollution, waste products, contaminants, impurities, odors and gases while guaranteeing complete sanitization for local hygienic conditions in any given worksite environment – providing maximum cleanliness to industrial environments alike.

Steelmax provides an assortment of soldering crucibles designed to meet various service types, making finding your suitable tartaruga of solda easy.

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